Tell me! What are you biggest issues with the current VR videos? I will forward it to the studios!

Discussion in 'Paysites discussion' started by vrJoe, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. vrJoe

    vrJoe Administrator Staff Member

    This forum is getting plenty of traffic, it's time you guys start posting!

    How about we start talking about what can be improved when it comes to new VR scenes!

    I have no magic wand but i do have direct contact with most of the bigger VR Porn studios. They're not gonna listen to me if i tell them to change or add something but if enough of you start posting suggestions or questions then i will get them here to answer you. And i'm sure they'll listen!

    So please ask something. Or explain what could be improved in your opinion. Or what would you like to see??
    Let me know which studio/company should read your question!

    Thanks guys! Let's get this going!
  2. VRknowledgable

    VRknowledgable New Member

    Posted a few suggestions in another section of the forum
    Biggest complaints I've heard others say and noticed myself are:
    1)seems like the same one day shot scene rehashed in new titles and claimed recent, at least some actresses change up their look and style a bit, but others you swear you've seen before.
    They aren't fooling anyone when the actress has the same tan and pimple in the winter that she had in her Summer shoot.
    2)missing many favorite actresses in VR
    3) missing many favorite themes and Genres in VR
    4) actresses and footage are disproportional {too big and wide} as if the ratio is wrong by the camera rig used.
    or the footage seems really washed out over exposed. And another issue is too far from the camera.
    5) complaints like: why did they ruin the wet t-shirt contest footage with that guys butt in the way, why did they sneak a post op Trans in the harem scene, he/she is not fooling anyone, and serious dude why did someone film the guy shooting into the camera in one of the clips when you know there's no time to throw off the goggle in time-ewww That's scarier then Zombies or Sharks coming at you when it's VR. *LOL*
    6) lack of creativity, as I said before look at Japans unique themes like Invisible Man, and Time Stop, why haven't any of our productions tried those styles?
    Which brings us to other issues like why not more realistic amateur footages?
    Underwater looks great in 3d so why no part underwater themes (too risky on gear?)
    7) learn to center and keep objects close up for best 3d depth and doing popout properly.
    8) why isn't there a Dancing Bear VR? *L*
    9) which brings us to recognizing what themes and genres would best translate to VR and start considering networking by offering your VR RIGS productions with those successful 2d video brands=team up.
    10) always go through your work with a fine tooth comb to put out the best product you can, which sometimes means consulting with others and getting reviewers to chime in as they might see what you are missing being to close to the production. In music recording you hear the same music over and over through many takes and become numb and lose the ability to notice glitches and imperfections, so I'm guessing video production can be the same way and need outside opinions to see what you have been painstakingly numb to or accepting of.
  3. vrJoe

    vrJoe Administrator Staff Member

    Great start! And personally i think you have some good points there. I hope 1 or 2 more people will post and i will first get the guys from VRB here to reply! They are ready ;)
  4. bigfatrichguy

    bigfatrichguy New Member

    holy crap, learn how to film without giving us double-vision and headaches.

    back the bitch up a few inches. Two bodies cannot share the same space, and my eyes can't cross far enough to see wtf is going on.

    how about some third-person porn? I'm here to see hot women have sex... I've got no need to pretend they are having it with ME.

    bondage, rape, all the good stuff. I'm tired of watching women with more tits than talent try to act like my girlfriend/stepdaughter/pizza delivery.

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