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Discussion in 'Newbie corner' started by jayfunk911, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. jayfunk911

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    Haha hey all. Seriously I need a no BS assessment from all you pro wankers I just bought oculus quest 2. I have AMD R9 390 GPU. It's older but still ok. I've downloaded some 4k movies and as newbie as you know YIKES!! My impression is that it is a pretty good image. It's a little fuzzy or foggy but runs smoothly. The question is whether to get the new graphics card for $700 to run 6k+rez vids. If the image is noticeably clearer and crisper then it's worth it. But if the increase in image quality is barely noticeable then I guess I have to find another to keep it up. Haven't found too much on this. Thanks all!!
  2. jayfunk911

    jayfunk911 New Member

    Just to clarify I'm impressed W the quality just wondering the % increase from 4k to 6k.
  3. jayfunk911

    jayfunk911 New Member

    Has anyone see 6k vids? Preferably on an oculus quest? Did more research looks like there may be a slight difference. Sure would like some opinions here befere I go spend my rent lol.
  4. jayfunk911

    jayfunk911 New Member

    Hey Jay. Yes we all feel your pain and we all have the same dream of seeing our favorite hottie with a true 6k headset. If they existed and cost $5000 I'm still sure they would sell like hotcakes. But sadly they don't. Currently the resolution is at 2k and basically it can't look any clearer. Hang in the bud!
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    Talking to yourself?

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