Here's a good question about productions for VR-AR combos

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    Apple vr/ar headset code named T288 is expected for mid to late 2020, the lens 8k each eye, the processor powerful enough to drive that resolution at high frame rates.
    I don't know enough about AR but it seems possible to use your natural backdrop visible by way of headeset cameras while holographic overlaying your video, which begs to question, is there a blue or green screen removal feature in the headset or in an app player to utilize green screen/blue screen productions that can then be viewed in your natural familiar backdrops? Some Cosplay productions uses green screens then animated rendered backdrops, if this feature were possible in AR headsets, then they would just utilize the green screen footage without the further post productions. In fact offering both versions could allow VR enthusiasts with editing skills to superimpose their own vr backdrops and producers can even sell their backdrops for said purposes.
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    A bit to technical for me but i'm sure some producers can answer it.
    Sadly enough i'm not getting enough feedback from visitors to invite producers here just yet. I hope there will be more action here.
    I'm advertising the site quite a bit but people are afraid to post it seems ;)
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    Remember to utilize your Meta Tags in all your posts {example my OP here}and be creative about it, and this will help this forum spider search engine words leading to the forum for more traffic and popularity.
    Some Forums use that technique as well as many links in their posts including Youtube vids to help in search engines and piggy backing off them.
    I think what is happening besides people using work computers *L*, is when you promote just the network of sites you are involved in people see it as mere self serving advertising not a true wide scope forum on VR for VR enthusiasts and therefore won't participate. They also fear copyright infringements and stepping on your toes with competitors materials. However when I post something that is neither like those Foreign VR disks titles, it more then likely with meta tags spidering allows people from far and wide who would normally not see your sites to become new customers more so then taking yours away to their foreign material. So in other words don't be affraid to think outside the box and share promotion to expand your reach, maybe even network with more people and other forums, and that includes leaving your link at those forums which spider your forum in search engines by leaching off their viewership and users. ;-)
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    Sorry for the late reply!

    Very good points. I'm gonna put some extra work in it and expand a bit. Hopefully that will help. Thanks!
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