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    My overall VR porn experience has been kinda vanilla- especially with the biggest paysites. I'm going to start with my first subscription VRBangers, how I got there and what I think. I just got my Gear VR and I quickly discover that the major tube sites like Pornhub and Xhamster want you to buy a premium membership to watch the high quality full length VR videos. Maybe, but I first want to see what else is out there so I Google "Best VR Porn"

    The first result is a site called ThePornDude.com, who at this point I DO NOT TRUST. The way he ranks videos seems like complete bullshit and it appears that the top websites are based on which referrals pay him the most. (Rule #1 of the internet: Don't trust the first result. My baaaad.) So I signed up to VRBangers because he says it's the best one, and what I found was disappointing.

    • There's only one thing I like about VRBangers and it's the multi-girl blowjob scenes, but even those are kind of bullshit. They'll list 12 girls, but half of them are just dancing around touching themselves

    • It has a total of 303 scenes. Which is pretty low and when you take into account that 75% of them are solo and lesbian scenes, it feels like a rip-off. Compared to wankzvr's 400 and SexLikeReal's over 5000, it makes you wonder how they took the top spot on The Porno dude's list. They also do this weird thing where make multiple scenes out of one shoot and release them a weeks apart. (Example: Sorority hookup Part 1 and Sorority hookup Part 2)
    • It's seriously vanilla: There's a whopping 20 anal scenes, 6 scenes with facials and 0 gangbang scenes. You won't find any slapping, hair pulling, facefucking, choking, BDSM, or anything remotely rough and many of the lesbian and solo scenes could be considered softcore porn. Sit in your chair, get your blowjob and shut up.
    • Except the models WON'T shut up: "Do you like that? Do you like my tight pussy?" I'd like it if you shut the hell up. They just won't stop talking, running their mouths throughout the whole video except for the fake moaning and screaming at the top of their lungs. I just want to hear the slurping and pounding without all the talk.
    • The Playa app: The full VRBangers website has global searching and a model directory, but they recommend you the Playa app which has none of that, is super slow to startup and as far as I can tell doesn't work with any other site. But it has one cool feature that lets you click on things by looking at it for a few seconds.
    • Only 226 models: Compare that to wankzvr's 314 and SexLikeReal's 2472 (which is also bullshit) and you start to see why they don't list the number of models anywhere on the site. They also recycle the same girls for all their hardcore scenes. I haven't done the math, but it seems like there's 20 girls that like dick on this site.
    • The quality of models sucks: This is 100% my opinion, but I'm not into the plastic coked-up Brazzer-type AVN award winning milfs that look like trannies. I'm also into tits. Natural ones and this doesn't cut it for me.
    SCORE: 3/7: Sadly, The Porno Dude's #1 ranked VR site turned out to be my least favorite. But I've learned my lesson and I will never trust a review sites that use referral links. Why would they give it a bad review when they're cashing in on each subscription? They wouldn't! DUH!

    But look, just because VRBangers isn't for me doesn't mean you won't like it. They're supposed to be the king of 360° videos, but I never use that setting. If you're into plastic milfs with fake tits and tattoos doing strap-on scenes and screaming at the top of their lungs as if they're having the time of their lives... THIS SITE IS FOR YOU.
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    Loved your review.....funny! Hope we get to see more of your reviews...
    The World Cup scene would have been better with a closer couch as some scenes/actresses you want to zoom in and view, but the multitude of actresses needed the width through being pulled back and it was a bit to far away for clear zooming into the action. Something like that will look great when there is 8k 6DOF videos where you can walk into the scene and choose what and where you want to set up your angle that you wish to view.
    Agree with much of what you said but, Hey I like Ryan Keely, probably because she reminds me of an old girlfriend and she knows how to be sexy and play the camera.
    The World Cup scene was Genius,
    because it allowed newbies to see which actresses attracted their attention in order to further pursue their other titles.
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    Haha damn!

    I'm not gonna say i agree with you as VRB is considered by most one of the top sites and i'm also biased as i promote them of course but your writing is really good!
    Despite the subject i really enjoyed reading that. Feel free to do some more!

    EDIT: And constructive criticism should always be allowed. I'm sure a company like VRB wants the best for their paying customers and if those customers don't voice their problems then they'll never know what can be improved.
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    I'm gonna do 18VR next and I really REALLY like it.

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